The Perfect way to Conquer Worry – Prayer

Dale Carnegie said that prayer has a practical effect on both the spiritual and the non-spiritual in that it puts into words exactly what is troubling us.

In this episode Grant, Joey and Reece Theriot sit down to discuss all the ways prayer can help re-focus and realign you when things start to get out of whack.

Reece touches on a few studies that illustrate the power of prayer as well as gives some insight as to how exactly it reduces stress and worry.



Show Notes:

Studies referenced: Czech  & Burk, in press; Czech et al., 2004; Park, 200; Vernacchia et al., 2000 “Athletes utilized religious prayer in sport for three main reasons: coping with uncertainties and the concomitant anxiety, putting life and sport into perspective, and providing meaning to sports participation and competition”

Jessie Dezutter 2011, Prayer and pain: the =mediating role of positive re-appraisal: “for this group of religious affiliated patients high levels of prayer were also related with more pain tolerance. These findings might indicate that prayer can be a useful factor in pain management but only for pain patients who are religious. It seems that prayer has to be incorporated in the religious meaning system of the patient before it can function as a tool in pain management.”

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