Gratitude overcomes Worry and Doubt

I was sitting in church on Sunday and the pastor had us do an exercise. We held our hands four inches in front of our faces. He then asked, “How much of this room and the other people can you see?”

Of course very little. He then had us pull our hand out to 12 inches and then finally arms length. Each time we were able to see more of our surroundings and less of our hand.

The exercise illustrated he point that when you can push your problems from out in front of our nose you can understand how well things are going around you.

In order to do that you’ve got to be grateful. Today Karen Fowler drops in to give us her thoughts on gratitude and how it has helped her in her journey.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude overcomes Worry and Doubt

  1. I don’t have the words I need to express the positive, enviable vibes you three sent out. The level of comfort that you each have with yourself came thru loud and clear. What a great introduction for me into the world you live in. I hope this is heard by many and that they are able to benefit from it.


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