#138: New Passions Lead to New People

The fun thing about Profiting from your Passion is that you really never know where it’s going to take you.

My passion has brought me to a position where I am now managing a multi-million dollar store, raising two kids and coaching Dale Carnegie. It’s left little time for my duties as a podcast host. However, when you’re out in the world living out your passion you will meet people along the way that can not only influence you, but also help you remember what you’re passionate about.

Today I’m excited to announce a new chapter in the Profiting from your Passion podcast in which business owner, John Maxwell certified coach and all around great leader David Wooton will be taking over as host for this show. David brings a level of passion and enthusiasm that will only help it grow.

The Profiting from your Passion podcast has always been and will continue to be a platform for like-minded individuals to share their stories and connect with you. I have every confidence that David will carry out that mission at an even higher level than before.


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