#144: Creating a Life You Love

This week’s guest is a man who saw his world change by a medical diagnosis. He wasn’t going to wait around to see what would happen next. Kevin left middle America and headed for his dream location San Diego. He began to live a new life and is helping others do the same. Learn more at https://kevinroth.org

In 2016, musical artist Kevin Roth was told he had stage-three melanoma and just a few years left to live. He had a choice to either get busy living or accept dying. He decided to live!

He developed his own philosophy of mindful- awareness and created an action plan that changed his life from living in fear, stress, and depression to one of clarity, success, and optimum health. He literally went from surviving to thriving.
Roth recalls: “Even though I felt my life was in a deep abyss, I developed a game plan to beat melanoma, climb out of the darkness, lose thirty pounds, and became financially successful. This plan helped me to gain the insight and wisdom to move from Kansas to beautiful San Diego while inspiring me to thrive as an artist, musician, personal coach, consultant, and teacher.”

Roth developed a daily practice along with music to find resonance with his core beliefs, and to be centered and inspired emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically every day. He sees that people live their lives based on two kinds of experience: pain and pleasure. Once they replace what doesn’t work in their life with what does, they thrive and never go back. They can discover how to live their dream life, find where it lives inside of them, believe in it, and put it into action.

He shares his method with people around the world so that they too can see their lives change in amazing ways.

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