#146: Positivity and Encouragement

“Reed LEADS BY EXAMPLE and he’s taught me about the benefits of physical health and fitness as well as mental spiritual wellness. His workout plans are backed by research and experience. He radiates positivity and encouragement… and he always tells us to smile during burpees which makes them a bit more enjoyable. Reed rocks.”

Those words come from a client (Indira K.) testimonial on Reed’s website Home | Reed Streva Fitness (strevahealth.org)

They jumped out at me because they capture Reed so well. This is one of the most mature people I know. And he is only 23. Reed’s love of neighbor and passion to help others achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle is definitely inspiring. 

If you want to find out more about Reed and Streva Fitness look him up in one of these locations

Instagram: the_reedstreva

Facebook: and YouTube – Reed Streva Fitness

Website: strevahealth.org

Email: Reedstreva@gmail.com

You can always find me at https://davidwooton.com

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