Welcome to the PFP Podcast!

What is the PFP Podcast?

It’s a platform for seemingly ordinary people to share their extraordinary stories!

We aren’t all tuned into the same frequency. But you never know what message is going to speak to your heart and change your perspective – setting you down the incredible journey that your life deserves to be, a journey that will surely impact your world!

The podcast is named after the book Profiting from Your Passion, written by host Grant Alexander. Grant had this to say about his book:

“The way that you can profit from your passion is to prove that you can carry that passion into other things. We don’t just get to wake up one day and do what we love. One of my biggest fears is that I’ll find something that I’m passionate about, go for it, and then one day wake up and treat it like any other job. That’s why using the six methods I line out in the book are important. If you can start to incorporate passion into your everyday life, you’ll do better at your job. If you do better at your job, you can earn a promotion, learn a skill to get a different or better job, and then eventually uncover a passion that has endless potential for you, leading you to find that one thing you can do better than anyone else!”